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Product Review: ROAD iD Sidekick Makes Safety Cool and Easy

"Disclaimer: I received a ROAD iD Sidekick to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!" Safety should be on the top of every runner’s mind. Whether you run on the roads or trails, alone or in a group, you never know when an unexpected emergency might strike. In anticipation of such an occurrence, you should always leave the house knowing that IF something goes wrong, bystanders or first responders know whom to contact, or if you have any medical conditions that need special attention. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t always think about safety or unforeseen accidents when I go out for a run. In fact, when the chance came to review the Sidekick from ROAD iD I was on the fence. I didn’t really think that I needed one. I also thought the idea of a medical/safety tag might not be too cool. But, I was completely wrong on both fronts. I’m really thankful that I gave it a try! ROAD iD completely changed my mind, and has added a new sense of safety and security to my daily activities. So what exactly is the ROAD iD Sidekick? It’s a small, personalized tag that is specially made to fit your smartwatch band. The Sidekick is made to order with customized engraving that is guaranteed for life. You can include your name, location, emergency contacts, medical conditions or allergies, and even inspirational quotes. Road iD has specific models to fit everything from Apple watches, Fitbit, Garmin, etc. They also come in various colors. The Sidekick is especially useful since it can simply be added to your watch. My ordering process was incredibly simple and the shipping was quick. When the shipment arrived, I was blown away with the level of customer service from the company. I received my Sidekick, neatly packaged, along with a nice note from the company employee who processed my order. The ordering was easy and the customer service was exceptional, but the true test was how the Sidekick would look and feel on my Garmin. It slipped snugly on my wristband and was not even noticeable while wearing it. I was even more impressed during my first run with it on; it was still unnoticeable and didn’t move around at all! I have since taken the Sidekick along with me on countless runs, bike outings, and swims. It has been so comfortable, in fact, I’ve decided to leave it on my watch for daily wear.

I am thrilled with the sleek and professional design of the Road iD Sidekick. It looks great with sports attire and even professional clothing. It has really provided me with an extra piece of mind that in case of an emergency, my loved ones can easily be reached. Not only is it the perfect gift for a runner, or anyone else that leads an active lifestyle, but it is great for everyday wear too. My Sidekick is literally that. It is with me wherever I go now. And I’m thankful for the added sense of safety. It looks really cool too!

Visit today to get yours. Thanks to BibRave, you can also score free shipping on your order with code SHIP4FREEBRP at checkout!

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